Michael Brown.

I wasn’t at the scene. I will not use this post to try to convince you that August 9 happened one way or another. Because I don’t know. And I suppose in this whole heart-wrenching dilemma, the statement “I don’t know” has left very few mouths. Which, in my personal opinion, is an enormous problem.

So many have jumped to either conclusion A or conclusion Z… with no reference or thought given to conclusion B-Y. That is nothing more than a careless and lazy decision to be content with what you’ve been given, when a better and fuller answer rests only slightly further, with dedication to research, a true understanding of the basic facts of the situation, and heavy critical thinking in regards to possibilities.

Our country became (as it does) polarized because we know nothing about not knowing. There is ONE absolute truth about what happened on August 9. And there are two people on this planet who know this absolute truth… Officer Darren Wilson and Michael Brown. One claims he was defending his own safety, and one cannot give us his side of the story. But we, as people, can’t seem to wrap our heads around this idea of NOT knowing what happened that day. Accepting that our opinion is very possibly incorrect… accepting that our opinion really is mere speculation based on sources we don’t even know if we can trust… is something we just don’t seem to do.

In regards to witnesses, it is difficult to say what we can and can’t believe. There is now uproar over a witness who many believe was not actually there. So what can we really trust?

So, I could sit here and list out the following options, and ask you to choose which one you believe based on the facts we DO have, regardless of the facts we don’t have. ONE: Michael Brown was attacking Darren Wilson, and as a result, Wilson acted in his right to defend himself, resulting in the death of Brown. Darren Wilson is innocent. TWO: Michael Brown is innocent, and died because of one officer’s A) lack of intelligent judgement or B) fear due to dangerous stereotypes that have been placed in his head regarding African-Americans. Darren Wilson is guilty.


I could sit here and tell you the truth, which is that you may NEVER know if you are right or wrong. Your opinion could be just as wrong as mine is correct. My opinion could be just as wrong as yours is correct. As of right now, we DO NOT know.

To have an opinion is not of threat, nor is it morally wrong or looked down upon. However, to present that opinion as fact, and thus acting aggressive, threatening, offensive, or righteous… IS looked down upon.

Those arguing that Michael Brown is guilty, and that Darren Wilson is innocent.. you have no fucking clue. Those arguing that Michael Brown is innocent, and that Darren Wilson is guilty… you ALSO have no fucking clue.

I will not present my opinion (as it is irrelevant to this post), nor will I speculate as to the reasons Wilson chose to end Brown’s life, because I (ready for this folks, mind-blowing statement coming your way yet again) do not know.

What’s really disappointing about this whole thing is those who have acted and verbalized wholeheartedly their extreme opinion on the case, attacking the other side. You are either attacking a law enforcement officer or an 18-year old boy. On the grounds of what? Having the facts that we do know and lacking the facts we don’t? The things the bias news channels spit your way depending on which side of the agenda they stand on? Yeah, not good enough for me.

This whole thing would be so different if we only had a video of the encounter.

Oh wait… no it wouldn’t.

We can thank Ramsey Orta for taping the attack of Eric Garner, and proving to us just how little justice there really seems to be, regardless of evidence or proof.

Next stop: The murder of Eric Garner.


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