Wenjian Liu & Rafael Ramos: Taken by the hands of ignorance.

Simple background info for those of you who haven’t been following current events…

Officers Wenjian Liu & Rafael Ramos were working overtime when they were shot and killed by gunman Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who fired through the front passenger window. Brinsley later shot and killed himself. 

3 hours prior to the murders of Liu & Ramos, Brinsley had posted threats to his Instagram page. The captions included “I’m Putting Wings on Pigs Today”, “They Take 1 of Ours… Let’s Take 2 of Theirs”, and “This May Be My Final Post.” 

Brinsley had a criminal record, & had been arrested for carrying a concealed weapon (knife), shoplifting, robbery, reckless conduct, tampering with evidence, criminal property damage, & discharging his weapon. 

Source: http://nypost.com/2014/12/20/2-nypd-cops-shot-execution-style-in-brooklyn/

My opinion?

As a person who is more than supportive of change in regards to standards that officers are held to? As a person who is on the side of those oppressed by individuals who believe their authority gives them the right to mistreat? As a person who is infuriated at every filthy attempt of an excuse for police officers who misuse their power to dominate those who they were put in place to protect?

I’m disgusted beyond words.

This is how you attempt change, Brinsley? You try to right a wrong with another wrong? With murder?

You take two men away from their families? You remove them permanently, regardless of whether or not they had a damn thing to do with what’s been happening?

You take the lives of two innocent people because we aren’t intelligent enough to refuse to generalize?

The very thing you ask of them… to ignore the stereotypes, to teach themselves differently, to educate themselves on who you are as a people, to treat you equally, to distinguish you from the bad guys… is something you can’t even do yourself?

This monstrous leap backwards is 1000% detrimental to our ability to move forward as a unified country. You, Brinsley, have singlehandedly set America back in its quest to find equality and compassion. You have now angered those who are trying to help you. You have now hardened those we are attempting to help understand the reality of the situation.

We are trying to teach America that being violent, hateful, ignorant, and criminal is not parallel to skin color. We are trying to teach America that what you have is greater than anything we could imagine… a group of passionate individuals, ready for change, & strongly united by the common goal of equality.

You have set America back, but you will not defeat the cause. You will not beat the journey. Your stupidity, carelessness, cruelty, and inability to think about the consequences and uselessness of what you were planning to do will not halt our progress as a nation.

To the American justice system, THIS started with you. This started with your inability to handle a situation you have been put in place to handle. This started with your lack of respect for a nation and lack of dedication to truth. This started with you choosing to indict the man who videotaped an assault on a civilian by police officers, rather than the man responsible for the death of a citizen. This started with your twisted politics and blatant disregard for morality.

And to those of you who applaud, support, and encourage the actions of Ismaaiyl Brinsley… you are nothing more than an enemy of America & it’s goal of toleration and equality. And in case you haven’t figured it out yet, enemies of America don’t tend to last long. So either get on the right side of history, or prepare to be dominated to the fullest extent of the word.

My broken heart goes out to the families of the two officers murdered on December 20. You are in my prayers.


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