Eric Garner.

The facts of this are about as simple as they get. There is no loophole. There is no deep dark secret. There is no speculation or estimations or guessing required. Why? Well, one… there’s a fucking video covering the incident beginning to fatal end.

Now, I originally typed up an entire post drenched in the facts of the video, case, charges, & verdict… but I deleted it. Because I would rather present you with a few sources and then let you delve in and do your own research… something many Americans have clearly forgotten how to do.

First and foremost, in the case that you live under a rock, here’s a link to the video of the attack on Eric Garner:

I have, as any good blogger or journalist or even simply an opinionated person such as myself should do, done extensive research on the topic I’m currently discussing. And yes, this research has been thorough, and covered both the conservative and liberal articles. After all, how can you discuss one side and not know the ins & outs of the other? You can’t. That’s called ignorance.

Michael Brown’s case was, realistically, a grey area. This does not mean it should be overlooked. But it should be understood that it is NOT so black & white (no pun intended). There were so many unclear statements, sketchy witnesses, lack of solidity, and there was no video or proof of what actually happened on August 9th.

Eric Garner’s case was, however, about as black & fucking white as it gets. And of course, there will be writers and articles that attempt to swerve the truth and the facts to benefit themselves & their own twisted agendas. On BOTH ends. Welcome to American politics, folks. Dirty and fucking horrific.

But you cannot escape the rawest and truest facts. No matter how long or how hard or how fast you run.

Eric Garner was killed by a careless officer who went against the NYPD’s ban on chokeholds, thus resulting in the death of a non-violent 43-year old man. His health concerns should not concern a single fucking one of you… because health concerns such as asthma & obesity should not be blamed for the blood that clearly stains Officer Panteleo’s hands. I don’t care if the man weight 4,000 pounds… chokeholds are banned for a reason. Reckless. Careless. Dangerous.

Below is a link to a Fortune article that holds a magnificent comparison to the detrimental and fatal actions of the officer and drunk driving. Both may have been accidental. But a swerve too far to the left that kills a pedestrian (REGARDLESS of whether or not that pedestrian was selling tax-free cigarettes) makes a citizen guilty of manslaughter. Again, accidental or not, recklessness resulted in a death, and SOMEONE is at fault. So why are our officers not held to that same standard?

There is so much to write. There is so much to scream at and so much to cry over and so much to be angry about.

As a caucasian female, I am often asked why in hell I care this much. Doesn’t make much sense to me either, quite frankly. Shouldn’t I be focusing on my own issues? The stereotypes I face as a woman? Maybe. These issues are not ones I personally face day to day. But these ARE the issues my brothers and sisters face. These issues are ones in front of my nose when I wake up and when I close my eyes at night, even if they never quite physically touch me. The world I inhabit is unequal. It is lacking justice and morality. So don’t attempt to shut me up. Don’t question me or doubt my ability to fight for someone else. You’ll fail. And you’ll do it miserably.

Now, to hear an African-American say these things holds magnificent weight. I believe they will be the ones to change the face of this planet for the better. To abolish the stereotypes, slowly but surely. To continue to rightfully shift our country in the way of light, acceptance, love, peace, justice, greatness.

But what I also know is that to hear a young, Caucasian female argue has to mean something too, in a different type of way. Why would I argue for something that I don’t benefit in the least from? This doesn’t affect me personally… what do I have to gain from equality and justice for the black community?

Well, nothing. Besides a country I can be proud of.

I fight because I can. I fight because people need to know that they are not alone. People need to know that the actual fight against racism is the only thing about any of this that isn’t a “race thing”… this is an American thing.

No. Scratch that. This is a human thing.

“In age of determination by denomination, of destruction by the induction of ignorance, I ask you to get down with a cause ignorant of oppressive laws and knowledgable of apparent flaws. This world is ours to watch over for those still in strollers, Do not allow them to be fed hate like Stouffer’s, for there is a promise land not yet seen except in dreams. And for that we feign, and bleed, and live, and sin, with the hope we might know freedom through more than our white friends. Forever yours. Get down my kin, get down.”     — Breathe by OG Maco


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